Deadline: September 30, 2022

Entry fee: $10

About the competition

The Dream Quest One Poetry and Writing Contest – SUMMER 2022 is open to everyone, internationally, and to all poets and writers whether published or not, regardless of experience. Current and former employees of Dreamquestone.Com or their relatives are not eligible. Previously published poems and short stories in other contests, books, magazines, etc. are accepted and welcomed as long as they are original works created by the contest entrant(s). All entries must be composed or translated into the English language.

Competition guidelines

  • Poems must be (30) lines or fewer and may be either neatly handwritten or typed, using single or double line spacing, on any subject, theme, style, shape, or form. Entries must be original works.
  • Short stories may be on any subject or theme. For example, fiction, non-fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, diary, journal entries, short stage-plays, and screenplays are accepted. Contestants will enter their short stories either neatly hand printed or typed, using single or double line spacing, within a maximum of (5) pages or less. All entries must be original works.
  • You may submit entries to both the poetry contest and the writing contest, at the same time.
  • Multiple entries are accepted.
  • Read the whole guideline and submit your entry here.
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Author: VoW Research

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