Deadline: August 30, 2022

Entry fee: $10

About the competition

Write a story involving killer instinct, and a shadow.
$3,000 grand prize.

Do you feel safe? Do you believe doors and locks will protect you? They won’t, but lies are necessary to distract us from the terrifying truth – killers are everywhere. 

Life is full of danger. The wilds are home to fearsome predators. Sharks smell blood, and other territorial animals will rend you with tooth and claw for the misfortune of crossing their path. But urban spaces might just kill you quicker. Humans have the propensity to kill one another six times higher than the average mammal. Born killers and those brought to it by chance and fate, the true predators of the world wear familiar faces. Sharp teeth lurk behind kind smiles and watchful eyes. History is full of atrocities and bloodshed, and stories of our future suggest more to come. Even good people suffer intrusive thoughts, visualizing horrendous acts for a split second before recoiling. Beware strangers, but keep a closer eye on friends.

This contest invites you to explore the killer instinct, whatever that means to you. Fantasy, contemporary, romance, crime. All genres are welcome.

Submissions close August 31st at 11:59 pm EST. Contest only open to new writers.

Competition guidelines

  • The competition is open to anyone worldwide (excluding Quebec) aged 13 or older. In order to enter the contest participants must be members of and in a membership tier that allows contest entry.
  • A participant must also be considered a “new” or unpublished author. Anyone who has met or exceeded the following criteria is disqualified from entry:

a) traditionally published a novel of greater than 40,000 words,

b) self-published a novel of greater than 40,000 words and sold 100+ copies,

c) sold four or more works of short fiction to markets paying 8c/word or greater,

d) self-published short fiction work totaling 10,000 words or more, with profits in excess of $500.

e) won a fiction contest with a prize greater than $2,500.

  • The staff of Elegant Media Publishing Corporation (hereafter referred to as EMP) and their immediate families and households, and individuals involved in judging the entries and their immediate families and households, are not permitted to take part in the competition.
  • Submit your entry here.
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Author: VoW Research

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