Deadline: April 30, 2024

Entry fee: $15

About the competition

Submissions for our April 2024 contest are now open!

Have you ever wondered what exactly the judges are looking for? Or wanted to know what the judging process looks like? Maybe you’re curious about our identities, interests, or what makes a piece stand out to us.

Perhaps you’d like tips about how to create a winning entry. This is your chance to have some face-to-face time with our judges and get your questions answered straight from the source.

Come together at our upcoming community write-ins! We’ll share behind-the-scenes insights to help you craft your best piece, saving some quiet writing time to work on your entry.

Community write-ins will be held via Zoom on: Feb 8, Mar 1, Mar 21, and Apr 8. Registration closes 24 hours before the event starts, so snag your spot now. Each registration includes one entry into the current contest.

Competition guideline

  • Word Limit: 100 words or less per entry, including the title if you have one. We use Microsoft Word for the official word count, which treats hyphenated words as one word. We recommend plunking your entry into Word right before submitting it to determine the accurate word count. Just be sure to omit any other info such as your name or the date.
  • Writers and Pen Names: All ages. All genders. All nationalities. All writers welcome. You may use a pen name, and we will publish the winning entries under that name. If you win, we will have a separate form to fill out the name you’d like to be paid under.
  • Previously Published Pieces: You may enter pieces that are brand-new or have been previously published elsewhere. We have no restrictions on this, though we suggest abiding by any limitations from anyone else who may have published your piece.
  • Genre / Theme: Any genre. The theme is creativity.
  • Read the whole guideline and submit your entry here.
VoW Research
Author: VoW Research

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