Deadline: April 19, 2024

Entry fee: $25

About the competition

Four times a year, the Not Quite Write Prize for Flash Fiction challenges writers to create an original piece of flash fiction based on two typical writing prompts plus one anti-prompt.

What’s an anti-prompt? It’s a call to break a specific rule of writing. You know, those things you must never do if you hope to be a successful writer? Well, this is your chance to prove ‘em wrong.

Participants will compete for AU$2,000 in cash prizes, including AU$1,000 for the winner, cash prizes for the entire shortlist and two bonus ‘wildcard’ prizes.

The next competition will commence at midday 12.00pm AEST Friday 19 April 2024 (Sydney, Australia time). Entrants will have until midnight AEST on Sunday 21 April 2024 to submit a 500-word piece of original fiction in response to the given criteria.

When the competition kicks-off, the prompts will be announced by email. Entrants will receive details about how and where to submit their entry when the competition opens.

The competition is open to all ages and levels of ability all over the world. Parents and guardians should note, however, that entries are not censored, and young entrants may be exposed to themes and language inappropriate for their age.

Choose from one of these entry options for a chance at one of 8 cash prizes:

  • NQW Prize Entry Ticket Only ($25) – This Entry Ticket grants you access to the April 2024 Not Quite Write Prize for Flash Fiction Participant Lounge where you’ll find the Competition Entry Form and Participant Forum.
  • NQW Prize Entry Ticket + Personalised Feedback ($90) – This package offers all the benefits of an Entry Ticket plus two pages of personalised critique from the judges (and hosts of the Not Quite Write podcast), Ed and Amanda. Ed and Amanda will revisit your entry after the competition winner has been announced and provide written critique on your story’s strengths, as well as opportunities for improvement.
  • NQW Prize Entry Ticket + On-Air Feedback ($125) – This one is not for the faint of heart! The Daredevil Package offers all the benefits of an Entry Ticket plus detailed critique from the judges, Ed and Amanda, “LIVE” on the podcast. After the competition, Ed and Amanda will read your entry on the podcast for the listening pleasure of Not Quite Write audience members around the world. Then they’ll unpack the good, the bad and the ugly for all to hear.

Competition guideline

  • You must purchase a ticket to enter the competition. Your ticket is valid for one entry to the current round of the competition.
  • In addition to entry, your ticket grants you access to our exclusive Participant Lounge and Forum.
  • The Participant Lounge is an exclusive online space available to current ticket holders and acts as your portal to the competition entry form and Not Quite Write Forum. From time-to-time, the Participant Lounge may also provide access to exclusive content and discounts.
  • Your access to the Participant Lounge and Forum will begin when you purchase your ticket and will continue into future rounds of the competition regardless of whether you purchase a ticket for those rounds. Note that access to the entry form will be restricted to current ticket holders.
  • You must submit your entry using the form in the Participant Lounge (“entry form”). The entry form will only appear to current ticket holders in the Participant Lounge during competition window. Email entries will not be accepted.
  • It is your sole responsibility to ensure we receive your entry via the entry form by the deadline.
  • Read the whole guideline and submit an entry here.
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