100% Free. Yup. Zero dollars. That’s how much these very useful titles, that will help you market your book, cost on Amazon. None of these books are low-value-quickly-scrapped-together products. A lot of time and effort has been put into putting them together by the authors. 

I highly recommend them. 

Please note though, that some titles may not be available in some countries. And while all of these books are free at the time of writing, they may not always be so. You will need the Kindle app to read these books.

How to Market a Book
By Ricardo Fayet  

Book Cover - Ricardo Fayet - How to Market a Book

Reedsy is one of the giants of the online literary landscape. Their website gets over 15million page views a month. They work with some of the top publishing professionals in the world and are at the forefront of a lot of industry trends, including book marketing, so when Reedsy speaks, it’s a good idea to listen. 

‘How to Market a Book’ was written by Reedsy co-founder, Ricardo Fayet. In fifty-one jam packed chapters, he explains numerous aspects of book marketing. He says that most authors fail not because they can’t find marketing ideas, but because they don’t know how to properly test and implement them. 

He advises; “Marketing is a different skill, yes. It takes time and dedication, sure. But it’s not something you should be afraid of…”

Topics covered include; book cover design rules, marketing channels, writing book blurbs, working with a book launch team, editorial reviews, getting cover quotes, keywords, marketing on Amazon, Apple Books, Google books, mailing lists, and more. 

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Download ‘How to Market a Book’

Successful Self-Publishing
By Joanna Penn

Book Cover - Joanna Penn - Successful Self-Publishing

Joanna Penn self-published her first book in 2008, way before it was a fashionable thing to do. She has since published over 30 books of fiction and nonfiction and makes a six-figure income as an author-entrepreneur. 

She starts this book off by explaining what self-publishing is and how it differs from independent publishing.

She says a self-published author “does everything themselves…” and “defines success as a finished book that is out there in the world and doesn’t necessarily aim to sell a lot of books to readers.”

Indie authors on the other hand, think more entrepreneurially, and work with other professionals to produce a high quality book with a long term view on the book’s potential.

The book goes on to explain how one can self-publish, how to format an e-book, the power of print-on-demand, costs of self-publishing, how to market a book, and many other aspects of the publishing process. 

Penn gives a lot of value in this book, which is part of her 14-title ‘Books for Writers’ series. I highly recommend it for all writers thinking of going the route of self-publishing.

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Download ‘Successful Self-Publishing’

Did You Know

Joanna Penn also recently featured in our list of top YouTube channels for writers.

Her YouTube channel, The Creative Penn, has about 50,000 subscribers and she shares valuable advice for writers.

Mastering Simple Facebook Ads for Authors
By Mark Dawson

Book Cover - Mark Dawson - Mastering Simple Facebook Ads For Authors

The word ‘advertising’ sends a chilly tingle down many a writer’s spine. Its sister word, ‘marketing,’ has the same effect. And yet those writers who master the skills of online advertising, or can afford to hire someone who has, find they can grow the sales of their books in a predictable manners.

In this short book, Mark Dawson, tackles one of the biggest advertising platforms in the world today; Facebook. He focuses on how to use ads to build your mailing list as a writer.

Many people want to run ads that lead to sales pages for their books. The challenge is if someone comes to your sales page and does not buy from you, you may have lost them for good. If they do buy your book and the sales page is an Amazon page, or on another booksellers website, you get the sale but will never know who bought the book.

Whereas, if you run ads to a mailing list signup sequence, you have an audience that you can tap into again and again. 

Dawson explains how his own mailing list helped him hit the top 60 on Amazon.com with one of his book releases—in the first 24 hours. 

The book outlines how Facebook ads work, how to set up a page and how to create and run your ad campaign. 

Dawson also explains the importance of reader magnets and outlines some common online advertising terms such as cost per subscriber, click-through rate, frequency, and relevance. 

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Download ‘Mastering Simple Ads for Authors’

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