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I started compiling a list of literary magazines that pay writers and have no submission fee simply because I’m broke. I’m a college student, and while a $3 fee per submission doesn’t seem like a lot— it adds up. 

The submission process is a game. I’ll submit one story to multiple magazines and expect multiple rejections in return. Everything about the submission process takes time: writing the piece, editing, submitting, organizing submissions, and more.

I love writing, but it is a time commitment. Having lists of journals that fit certain criteria helps to streamline the process.

Many literary magazines that don’t offer payment are still amazing journals with phenomenal people behind them. However, it feels good to be rewarded for your writing. I wish you all the best of luck with the submission process.

Baltimore Review 
Publishes fiction and nonfiction (max 5000 words) and poetry. 
Pays: $40/piece

Banshee: A Literary Journal 
Publishes stories, essays, flash fiction, and poetry. 
Pays: Yes

Bennington Review 
Publishes fiction, poetry, nonfiction, hybrid, translations, and reviews. 
Pays: $100/prose that is six pages or under, $200/prose that is over six pages, $20/poem

Blue Marble Review 
Publishes fiction and nonfiction (under 1500 words) and poetry by writers between the ages of 13 – 22. 
Pays: $30/piece

Blue Route, The 
Publishes fiction and poetry by undergraduate students only. 
Pays: $25

Book XI 
Publishes any creative work that is philosophically informed.
Pays: $200/piece $50/poetry

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Publishes feminist prose (max 3000 words) and poetry 
Pays: $50 for one page, $75 for two pages, $100 for three, $125 for four pages, and $150 for five pages or more. 

Cincinnati Review, The
Publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, hybrid, and micro (max 500 words).
Pays: $25/per a page of fiction, $30/per a page of poetry in the print journal 

City. River. Tree. 
Publishes any genre with a word limit of 100 – 500.
Pays: $0.02/word ($2 min, $10 max)

Publishes fiction and nonfiction (max 6000 words), flash (max 1000 words), and micro-fiction has a focus on writings that deal with craft. 
Pays: $200/fiction and nonfiction $100/flash

Corvid Queen 
Publishes fiction (max 5000 words), nonfiction, and poetry that deal with feminist folktales and myths. 
Pays: $5

down river road 
Publishes fiction and nonfiction between 2000 – 5000, flash fiction 500 – 1500, poetry, reviews, and interviews. 
Pays: $30/piece

Extra Teeth 
Publishes fiction and nonfiction between 800 – 4000 words.
Pays: £100/piece

Fiction Desk, The 
Publishes fiction between 1000 – 10000 words.
Pays: £25 per thousand words

fractured literary 
Publishes flash and micro fiction. 
Pays: $50/micro and $75/flash

Funicular Magazine
Publishes fiction, poetry, and flash (max 1000 words)
Pays: $10/per a page for fiction (up to a maximum of $100) $25/flash and poetry.

Publishes fiction/nonfiction (max 3500 words), poetry, comics, and plays.
Pays: $50/per a page with a max payment of $250

Isele Magazine 
Publishes fiction and nonfiction (max 8000 words) and reviews. 
Pays: Yes

Lor Journal 
Publishes fiction, poetry, essay, and reviews. Short content and prioritizes emerging and marginalized writers. 
Pays: $50/piece

Publishes anti-colonial experimental prose and poetry.  
Pays: Yes

Malahat Review, The 
Publishes fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and translations. 
Pays: CAD $70/page 

Matter Press: Journal of Compressed Creative Arts 
Publishes all forms compressed writing (flash, micro prose poetry).
Pays: $50/piece   

Middle House Review
Publishes fiction (max 7000 words), flash (max 2000 words), poetry. 
Pays: $25/piece

Minola Review 
Publishes prose, poetry, reviews, and creative nonfiction from nonbinary and those who identify and women writers.
Pays: $175/prose and $25/poem 

Mud Season Review 
Publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry 
Pays: $50/piece

Looking for more opportunities to publish your work?

Valley of Writers has a whole section with opportunities for publishing your poetry, flash fiction, short stories, etc.

It also includes awards listings and competitions.

Mumber Mag
Publishes fiction, flash, poetry, nonfiction 
Pays: $50/piece, $25/poem and flash

Neon Magazine 
Publishes prose and poetry that is dark, speculative, and surreal.
Pays: 2p per word/fiction, 20p per line/poetry

New Yorker, The 
Publishes fiction, poems, and translations 
Pays: Yes

One Story
Publishes fiction between 3,000 – 8,000 words and translations. 
Pays: $500

Pandemic Publications 
Publishes fiction and nonfiction (max 3000 words), poetry. 
Pays: $120/fiction and nonfiction $50/poem

Paranoid Tree Press 
Publishes fiction and nonfiction (max 400 words) and poetry. 
Pays: $50/piece 

Raconteur Magazine 
Publishes fiction and nonfiction (max 2000 words) and poetry (max 500 words). 
Pays: $10/fiction and nonfiction $5/poetry

Room Magazine 
Publishes fiction and nonfiction (max 3500 words) and poetry all by marginalized genders.
Pays: Between CAD $50 – $200

SmokeLong Quarterly
Publishes flash narratives, nonfiction, hybrid, fiction (max 1000 words).
Pays: $100/story

Sonder Magazine 
Publishes fiction and nonfiction between 1000 – 2500 words and flash (max 700 words)
Pays: €300/piece

Sunlight Press, The 
Publishes personal essays, fiction, poetry, reviews. 
Pays: $40/essays, $40/fiction, $30/first poem accepted ($10 for additional poems) 

Threepenny Review, The
Publishes poems, stories, critical articles, and memoire.
Pays: $400/story and $200/poem

Publishes fiction and nonfiction (max 3000 words), poems, and translations 
Pays: $25/piece

Vast Chasm Magazine 
Publishes fiction, nonfiction (max 5000 words), poetry, hybrid, genreless writing 
Pays: $50/piece

Velvet Giant, A  
Publishes genreless writing
Pays: $20 per an author

VIDA Review, The 
Publishes fiction, poetry, nonfiction, reviews, and interviews by marginalized groups 
Pays: $40/piece

West Review, The 
Publishes poetry and will very rarely publish prose 
Pays: $10

Livvy Krakower
Author: Livvy Krakower

Livvy Krakower (she/her) is currently an undergraduate student at UMass Amherst. She has previously been published in Wrongdoing Magazine, Roadrunner Review, Writers Resist, and more. She has pieces forthcoming in Duck Duck Mongoose Magazine and The Washington Square Review. You can find more of Livvy’s writing on Instagram @littlepenguinswrite.

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