Deadline: June 30, 2024

Entry fee: $44

About the competition

The Poetry Book Awards is an annual, international book award given to the best poetry books produced by indie writers, self published authors or books published by small, truly independent presses. We are proud to be a Welsh based international awards programme, open to all indie authors and self published poets globally.

Competition guideline

  • This is an international competition and we accept poetry books & pamphlets from anyone in the world provided all submissions are in English.
  • Each entrant will submit one copy of their book.  We only accept physical copies (i.e. paperbacks or pamphlets) as we can then donate your book(s) to local libraries (RCT), Storyville Books (free library) and/or schools each Christmas.
  • Each entrant is required to fill out the entry form and send it to us along with their book and payment (or proof of online payment).
  • Only poetry books published by small, truly independent presses and self-published books are eligible to enter. Publishers that get huge grants from arts councils, universities and other sponsorships are NOT considered independent and don’t need our help to promote their books or poets.
  • Only individual poets are eligible to enter.  The poet must be living.  We do not accept anthologies at the moment.  Translations of other poets’ works are also not accepted at the moment.
  • Entry fees can be paid by UK cheque (pounds sterling) or by PayPal.  Cheques should be made payable to: Poetry Book Awards.  Your PayPal confirmation should be printed out / written on the entry form and sent with your book if you pay online.
  • You may enter the competition as many times as you wish as long as each submission is accompanied by an entry fee.
  • Read the whole guideline and submit an entry here.
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Author: VoW Research

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