Deadline: February 15, 2024

Entry fee: $9.99

About the competition

Are you seeking lots of feedback? Ever wondered what it’s like to step into the shoes of a jury? Pull a genre, pick a prompt, and let your creativity soar. Submit your piece, then review other entries and develop an eye for what makes a story stand out. Receive detailed feedback, evolve as a writer and you might even walk away with the prize money.

After receiving your genre and choosing a prompt you will have five days to submit your story. After submission, your story will enter five rounds of peer review and you will judge ten other stories. The story with the most votes wins.

Competition guideline

  • Genres: Sci-fi & Fantasy (assigned randomly)
  • Writing Prompts: You receive five random prompts of which you choose one.
  • Judging: There are five Swiss-style rounds; two stories each time, give feedback to both and choose a winner.
  • AI/Plagiarism: We use detectors to check for plagiarized/AI submissions (excluding writing aides). Submissions that do not adhere to the rules will be disqualified.
  • Ensuring fair play Everyone: only judges stories from the other genre, to prevent downvoting of good stories. All judging is done anonymously, you only see the story and its title, genre and writing prompt. All feedback is read by a human.
  • Read the whole guideline and submit an entry here.
VoW Research
Author: VoW Research

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