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Still believe that TikTok is just for teens who share videos of crazy dance routines and challenges to  climb on piles of crates and slap their teachers? Think again. The memeful social media platform has evolved and now has a serious side – a big one. Businesses, coaches, and yes,More

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“Poetry is experiencing a new golden age, with young writers of color taking the lead,” reads the headline of an article published by CNN recently. The article cites the recent rice to prominence of poets like Rupi Kaur who has millions of followers on Instagram, Tyehimba Jess who won theMore

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Writers Digest has a section themed ‘5-Minute Memoir where they invite writers to do a 600-word reflective essay on the writing life.  The September/October edition of the magazine carries a ‘5-Minute Memoir’ by Paul Nicolaus where he recalls the first time he heard Anne Lamott‘s advice for writers to produceMore

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In an industry that almost fetishizes young writers, it is great to be able to stop and acknowledge that freshness can come from writers of any age. That’s what Poets & Writers Magazine does in its annual series, ‘5 Over 50.” The November/December 2021 issue carries the 6th edition ofMore

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At the beginning of September 2021, the news broke that Presidential Inauguration poet, Amanda Gorman, had signed a three-year deal with the global cosmetics firm, Estée Lauder. Gorman will become the company’s first “Global Changemaker,” veering away from titles, and roles, commonly assigned to brand ambassadors for cosmetics companies; suchMore

Did you mess up? Questions to ask your web designer...

You finally got your website done you love how it turned out. You have a new book out and you want it updated to the site but your developer has disappeared.  You’ve emailed her. You’ve left voicemail messages on her phone. You’ve even stalked her on Facebook and Google toMore

What are the characteristics of writing groups that thrive?

I’ve been in more than my fair share of writing groups. I find them to be interesting spaces where magic can happen and sparks can fly – good ones and bad; Sometimes one writer inspires another. Sometimes one writer annoys another. The question is; how do you keep a writingMore