Did you mess up? Questions to ask your web designer...

You finally got your website done you love how it turned out. You have a new book out and you want it updated to the site but your developer has disappeared.  You’ve emailed her. You’ve left voicemail messages on her phone. You’ve even stalked her on Facebook and Google toMore

Writing Groups that Thrive

I’ve been in more than my fair share of writing groups. I find them to be interesting spaces where magic can happen and sparks can fly – good ones and bad; Sometimes one writer inspires another. Sometimes one writer annoys another. The question is; how do you keep a writingMore

You’re finally ready to get your website done and you’re scoping out some developers whose work you love. The only challenge is you’re not sure whether you need a blog or a website or if there is a difference. Do you need a domain or hosting or both? Do theMore

Looking for Inspiration?

Are you tired of being told to ‘just write’ when you’re feeling uninspired? I scoured the web and found some of the most unconventional advice ever given and methods ever used for finding inspiration to write. I wanted to find something fresh, and different. Here is what I came upMore

A well run writing group will challenge and inspire you to be a better writer

In November 2019, an old friend reached out to me. I was pleasantly surprised that she had contacted me, but it quickly became apparent that she was not just trying to make nice. She wanted some help. Her book had just been published and she was calling up a bunchMore