Deadline: March 18, 2022


People throughout history have used poetry to reflect on conflict and its impact. Poems can be an incredibly powerful way to share stories, ideas, thoughts and feelings. For NSI’s 2021/22 competition, we want you to think about how people, communities and countries build a Life After Conflict.

Poems must not be longer than 40 lines and should be your own, original work.

About the competition

Brick by brick, life must be rebuilt after a conflict. It takes time to recover and resolutions may or may not be found. Countries and communities that were divided or destroyed need time to heal, to be reimagined, or sometimes even abandoned. For some, a parent, child, or family member might be injured or not return at all. As time passes, community events, memorials and days of remembrance are held to honor those who were lost and provide opportunities for reflection.

Resolve. Recover. Rebuild. Reflect. Remember.

Share your thoughts on how people, communities and countries build a life after conflict using poetry, art, speech and song.


We are pleased to announce a number of prizes, with more to follow:

  • 1st Place Poetry: Poetry Workshop with Nik Perring
  • 1st Place Art: Bespoke Art Pack
  • 1st Place Speech: Bespoke Creative Writing Pack
  • 1st Place Songwriting: Songwriting Workshop with Otto

1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize Winners: NSI Notebook

In the 16-18 Category – As a special prize from the Volksbund, four young people have the chance to participate in a two-week international youth camp in summer 2023. During the summer camps, young people from all over Europe deal with history and peacekeeping. They also support the preservation of the war gravesite and visit interesting places in the surrounding area.

Please read the rules before submitting your work. To view a full list of our competition rules, click here.

Submit your work here.

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