How to Enjoy Sweets Cover - Daisy RollandDaisy Rolland of Easthampton MA was only 10 years old when her first book: “How to Enjoy Sweetland: Your Essential Guide to Sweets,” came out in December 2018. It is a sweet-lovers guide for children. In it, Daisy gives tips on making your own sweets, eating them, hiding them and, of course, sharing them, among other candy-related endeavors.

No one was expecting Daisy to write a book and the manuscript surprised her parents, friends and teachers.

Her parents secured the services of Venezuelan artist, Gaby Alayón, who illustrated the book beautifully. The self-published book is available on Amazon and Daisy, who has just finished sixth grade, is now inspired to keep on writing.

Daisy’s twin sister, Charlotte is also into writing and both girls are currently taking a summer writing camp.



The thing that makes me happiest about being a writer is seeing the smiles on people’s faces as they read, even if it’s not my writing! I love to see people enjoying books. That is why I think books can make a difference.

If writing books makes others happy, then that is what I want to do. I love coming up with new characters and scenes. I keep a journal and sometimes, if I think of a good scene or conversation, I will write it down before I even start writing the full story.”


Daisy Rolland signing autographs. Emily Williston Memorial Library, Easthampton MA. April 2019.
Daisy Rolland signing autographs. Emily Williston Memorial Library, Easthampton MA. April 2019.


Here are my top tips for other young writers:

  1. Read for Inspiration – you can blend ideas, personalities, places, etc. from old books together to make something completely new!
  2. Have a plot and storyline in mind before you start writing.
  3. Take experiences or people from your life to use in your story.
  4. Use lots of detail – readers need to understand what is happening at all times. But too much detail can be overwhelming and boring.
  5. Try fan-fiction! Write new scenes with characters and/or settings from a book you’ve read and enjoyed. This can help you get started and inspired if you are a beginner.
  6. Conflict. Most stories need some form of conflict that keeps it moving forward.
  7. Know your characters and setting like the back of your hand.
  8. Try to provoke deep emotions from your readers by adding tension, twists, and feel-good moments!
  9. Be creative and original! Readers need to be pulled into the book from the start.
  10. DON’T GIVE UP!!! Believe in yourself.


Daisy Rolland
Author: Daisy Rolland

Daisy Rolland lives in Easthampton MA, has a twin sister, an older sister and two cats. She enjoys doughnuts, writing and absolutely loves to read. She has heard somewhere that “you can do hard things” and believes that anyone can be a writer.

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