Deadline: May 1, 2023

Entry fee: €3

About the competition

The 2023 Bloom Writing Contest is the latest competition from The European Society of Literature.

Due to the overwhelming success of the #EuropeanWritingPrize and the growing preorders of The European Literary Review: First Edition, the society saw it fit to dive headfirst into the next competition.

This time, we will be accepting not only narrative short stories as submissions, but also essays and poetry. We believe that good literature isn’t confined to a particular category—a fantastic, meaningful essay can be lightyears better than some novels. So too can a simple, well-written poem say infinitely more than a story in prose.

The cash prize for the winner will be 500 Euros, with the entry fee being a flat rate of 3 Euros per submission.

Competition guidelines

  • To submit to the competition, there is a 2-step process.
  • The first step is to submit your writing piece via the submission portal below. Enter your email address so we can tie the submission to you.
  • The second step is to click the button that says ‘Entry fee payment’ and follow the prompts. To validate your submission, you need to pay the 3 Euro fee. Make sure the email you enter is identical to the email you enter on the submission portal (so we can tie it to you).
  • Read the whole guideline and submit your entry here.
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