Don VaughanIn the May/June 2021 issue of Writer’s Digest, Don Vaughan writes about how invaluable mentorship can be to writers, whether they are newbies or experienced.

He gives several examples of famous authors and their mentors, including Ray Bradbury, who had several mentors. “Many authors influenced Bradbury as he honed his craft, but the individuals most prominent in his future success as a writer were Robert Heinlein, who helped Bradbury make his fist professional magazine sale; short-story master Henry Kuttner, who encouraged Bradbury to stop mimicking his favorite authors… and find his own voice; and Leigh Brackett, who spent hours with Bradbury teaching him – mostly through example – about structure, characterization and more.”

More about Bradbury’s life and mentors in The Bradbury Chronicles: The Life of Ray Bradbury [Harper Collins, 2005]).

Vaughan goes on to give ideas of places where new writers can find mentors, among them local critique groups, writing conferences, and national organizations.

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