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FREE | Free Intro to the All-New Women’s Writing as Healing Workshop Series!

November 16, 2021 @ 9:30 pm - 11:30 pm EST

Free Intro to the All-New Women's Writing as Healing Workshop Series
Join an intimate circle of women for a journey of empowerment through written expression. This is a free intro to the ongoing series.

About this event

Are you feeling isolated and disconnected during these extraordinary times?

Are you seeking a safe, supportive + creative community in which to grow and flourish?

Would your writing benefit from inspiring themes and prompts?

Do you long to deepen your spiritual connection?

Join an intimate circle of women for a journey of empowerment through written expression! This is a 2-hour free intro to the ongoing series.

Women may choose one of two weekly, four-part workshops: Tuesdays from 6:30 – 9 p.m. PST or Wednesdays from 1 – 3:30 p.m. PST. Workshops are capped at 8-10 women to maintain intimacy.

The next sessions run from November 23 – December 22, 2021.

Each 2.5-hour workshop includes a guided visualization/meditation; readings from our writing; manifesting-circle where we support each other’s visions; and inspiring writing prompts and exercises designed to connect us with the creative, the divine and ourselves. No writing experience required!

For these workshops, Marn Norwich fuses decades of experience as an intuitive energy therapist and writing workshop facilitator/professional writer.

Strengthen through the warmth + support of a spiritual sisterhood

Grow through a committed focus on self-empowerment + expression

Boost inspiration + plug into your creative flow

Gain confidence in + refine your writer’s voice

Explore spiritual issues from a women’s perspective in a close circle of women

Receive armloads of support for yourself on your healing/trauma-recovery path

Experience the joy of supporting other women in their life journeys

“Marn’s writing workshops are a healing offering that is rare to find. Each week, I felt open and at ease into processing different layers of what was moving through my body, mind, and spirit. Her facilitation is graceful and intuitive, filled with love, powerful insights, and ways of seeing deep into you that feels nurturing and give you permission to finally see yourself with the same bright eyes. The women she attracts are truly just as caring, talented, and genuine as Marn, which created a safe, nourishing, and enjoyable space amongst us even when we were exploring heavier material. There’s so much I could say about this workshop and Marn but it’s a sliver of the full embodiment of the gorgeous, uplifting, and unique journey that I experienced.”

Marlene Malik, Toronto, ON

“Something truly magical transpires through Marn’s facilitation. She leads by example, responding thoughtfully to each contribution, holding space, and validating where we are in our healing journey. Her intuitive, attentive approach creates a nearly palpable sense of safety and connection in the room, transforming strangers into a circle of trust, support, and inspiration…Attending her workshops is easily one of the best things I’ve ever done for my well-being, for my love of writing, and for my sense of wonder and appreciation for women.”

Amanda Hobbs, Vancouver, BC

“If you are looking for a safe place to reveal yourself to yourself, in the gentle, accepting company of other women, through the medium of writing, expression, inspiration and meditation…this course is for you.

If you long for a compassionate, present, non-judgemental ‘space-holding’ witness… Marn is your facilitator.

And, if you are called to be a part of a strong, nurturing, empowering, uplifting circle of women, helping other women…let your voice ring out, it will be heard and welcomed.”

Joanna McKinnon

“Participating in Marn’s writing workshop has easily become the highlight of my week. …She has created a truly nurturing environment to allow for writers at all levels to flourish…Marn provides a space where we can all write freely, share vulnerably and hold each other with such compassion. When we get together in her workshop, it is absolute and pure magic.”

Annie Phung, Vancouver, BC

“I honestly can’t recommend Writing as Healing high enough. Marn is genius in her guidance through self healing. Each piece is carefully chosen not only to augment the week’s theme, but to open our consciousness, strengthen our confidence, all the while supporting us to feel comforted, expansive and inspired to write and heal.”

Marie Ingram, Vancouver, BC

Photo credit: Tyer Nix Unsplash


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