Deadline: December 1, 2023

About the competition

The Psychometrics Centre is pleased to announce that the second Cambridge Creative Writing Competition is now open for submissions. Participants are asked to write three short pieces and everyone is welcome to submit. The winning entry will receive £500 and there are 5 runner-up prizes of £100 each. The competition is supported by a CJBS Behavioural Small Research Grant.

The first edition of the competition, held in June 2022, was a great success, with a total of 58 prizes (in the form of Amazon gift cards) being awarded. This included 9 first prizes, 15 second prizes and 34 third prizes.

Competition guideline

In this competition, you will complete three tasks.

  • In Task 1, you will write a story based on a writing prompt.
  • In Task 2, you will revise a story generated by a text-generating AI system.
  • In Task 3, you will collaborate with AI to generate a creative story.

Those who write the most creative stories will be rewarded. Specifically, we will offer 1 first prize of £500 and 5 second prizes of £100 each (in the format of gift cards of the winners’ choice*). These prizes will be allocated based on your cumulative creativity score across all three tasks. You will also be asked to provide some information about yourself. It should take up to 40 minutes to complete everything.

Read the whole guideline and submit an entry here.

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