Deadline: May 31, 2023

About the competition

Folly is an independent literary anthology of art, short stories and poetry, established in 2022. It is home for beautiful content, humor and satire – aiming to provide a platform for writing that straddles the literary and commercial genres. Folly welcomes unfiltered accounts of everyday life, eclectic takes on the mundane, and deep dives into society, love and sexuality. 

Founded in Wellington, New Zealand, Folly gives genre-bending and emerging writers from all over the world a place to experiment with words.

Competition guidelines

  • We accept flash fiction, short stories and poetry. Individual entries mustn’t exceed 2000 words. Don’t take this as a target, we love short and snappy prose of around 500 words too.
  • Submitted work must be in English, and if previously published please advise of details of publication platform and date. We aren’t unreasonable. We are curating content that fits with our vision while providing a platform for writers whose work suits the tone of our publication.
  • For consideration and inclusion in our 2023 print publication, submissions must be received prior to 1 July 2023. All other submissions will be considered for the 2024 publication.
  • We will endeavor to respond to all submissions within four weeks.
  • Any queries can be directed to: [email protected]
  • Read the whole guideline and submit your entry here.
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