While massive publishing houses often dominate the global literary stage, it’s dedicated, often overlooked, small presses that give voice to emerging talents, niche genres, and unique narratives. 

Our home base in Western Massachusetts has no shortage of small presses. Dive in with us as we uncover these local treasures of the literary world and celebrate the power of independent publishing.

Factory Hollow Press

Location: North Amherst, MA
Specialty: Poetry, experimental prose
URL: Factory Hollow Press
Notable Books:

  • “Plan/K” by Caroline Cabrera
  • “Four, Quarto” by Guy Pettit

A haven for emerging poets and experimental writers, Factory Hollow Press brings an edge to the Western Massachusetts publishing scene. Their commitment to giving voice to non-mainstream forms and voices is truly commendable.

Levellers Press

Location: Amherst and Florence, MA
Specialty: Local history, social justice, creative non-fiction
URL: Levellers Press
Notable Books:

  • “Voices from the Valley” edited by Jane Yolen and Patricia Lee Lewis
  • “Farm Town to Suburb” by James A. Smith

Levellers Press is at the forefront of publishing titles that delve into local history and social issues. They have a strong focus on works that shed light on the various communities and experiences that make up Western Massachusetts.

Off the Common Books

Specialty: Anthologies, poetry
URL: Off the Common Books

Check out their complete list of books

A part of the Amherst Writers & Artists network, Off the Common Books specializes in anthologies and curated collections. They have a knack for pulling together the best of local and national talent, making their catalog a delight to explore.

Small Beer Press

Location: Easthampton, MA
: Science fiction, fantasy
URL: Small Beer Press
Notable Books:

For those who love stepping into new worlds, Small Beer Press is your gateway to imagination. Though they are located in Easthampton, their reach is global, serving up delicious reads for science fiction and fantasy aficionados.

Hedgerow Books

Specialty: Poetry, Chapbooks
URL: Hedgerow Books | Facebook Page

Check out their complete list of books.

Hedgerow Books is a small, specialized press focusing primarily on poetry. Their chapbooks and carefully curated collections are a treat for readers who appreciate the nuances and layers in every line of verse.

Green Writers Press

Location: West Brattleboro, Vermont
: Environmental themes, nature writing
URL: Green Writers Press

Check out their complete list of books.

Based in nearby Vermont but with a strong presence in Western Massachusetts, Green Writers Press is for those who have a keen interest in sustainability and nature. Their books often combine compelling storytelling with a commitment to environmental themes.

Flying Object

Location: Hadley, MA
: Poetry, Visual Arts, Limited Editions
URL: Flying Object

Check out their publications

Flying Object is an arts organization that also acts as a publishing house. This Northampton-based press is particularly known for its beautifully crafted limited editions, often marrying visual art with the written word.

Anomalous Press

Location: Quincy, Massachusetts
: Poetry, Experimental Literature
URL: Anomalous Press

Check out their catalog.

Anomalous Press is a multifaceted literary platform with a vision to explore and expand the boundaries of literary expression. They are dedicated to publishing diverse forms of literary texts, promoting innovative audio creations, and nurturing various alternative realities of the near future.

Slope Editions

Specialty: Poetry
URL: Slope Editions

Check out their list of current titles.

Slope Editions focuses almost exclusively on poetry. With an international reputation, it offers a global perspective while maintaining roots in the local literary community.

Autumn House Press

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
: Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction
URL: Autumn House Press
Notable Books:

Though not strictly located in Western Massachusetts, Autumn House has a strong influence and distribution in the region. They offer a rich variety of works, from poetry and fiction to non-fiction titles.

Perugia Press

Location: Florence, MA
Specialty: Poetry by women
URL: Perugia Press

Check out their complete list of books.

With a mission to launch women’s voices into the world, Perugia Press has been publishing new women poets and showcasing their talent since its establishment in 1997.

Attack Bear Press

Location: Easthampton, MA
Specialty: Art, Poetry
URL: Attack Bear Press

Check out their projects.

Founded in 2016 by poet Alexandra Woolner, and playwright Jason Montgomery, Attack Bear Press is a clearing house for all things art. Located in Easthampton, Massachusetts, Attack Bear Press works with local artists and writers on collaborative, creative projects

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