Winson NgWinson Ng and his wife Jenny Tan make a living selling books on Amazon Kindle, blogging, and offering online courses.

In 2011 Wilson had acid poured over him by thugs who tried to steal his car. He suffered 3rd-degree burns over a quarter of his body and says he relied a lot on the support of his girlfriend, now wife, to get through the physical and emotional pain of that dark time.

It was during the months that he lay in hospital recovering that the idea to write his first book came to him. He says of this experience, “The Universe works in mysterious ways by sending you a problem and it sticks with you for the rest of your life until you get the spiritual lesson.”

Winson and Jenny say they now have over 500 books on Kindle. The biggest regret of his self-publishing journey? Focussing on writing more books before he built a platform.

“I used to think short-term, and only focused on publishing as many books as I could. It took me years to learn the ugly truth of not building my audience as early as I could. Just like building any business, you should always focus on the long-term…”

He writes about this on his ThinkMaverick blog and gives other nuggets from his road to successful authorpreneurship. He also has great advice on building your author platform.

Team VoW
Author: Team VoW

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