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100 Covers creates custom book cover designs on par with the quality of the bestsellers in any category or genre, with licensed fonts and images with no added fees, and unlimited revisions for just $100.

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Since 2014, 100 Covers has designed books covers for authors all over the world and for books in all genres. Their big selling point is that they can offer the highest quality covers while keeping their entry-level prices at an unthinkably low $100.

Services Offered

Their services are broken down into 3 easy categories.

Custom Ebook Cover Design

The standard $100 service includes a custom Kindle-ready cover with licensed fonts and images. We spend extensive time browsing the bestsellers in your category/genre to determine how to blend in with the bestsellers while still achieving a unique and creative look.

The Print Pack 

For $200 you can select Print Pack. This contains everything included in the eBook Cover Design, but adds three valuable formats:

  • A Paperback book cover with front, back, and spine for publishing through KDP (formerly Createspace)
  •  A 3D image of the paperback and eBook for use on your website and elsewhere
  •  A Social Media Image is perfect for publicizing your book on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Below are a few samples of paperbacks, 3D images, and social media images included in the Print Pack

The Pro Pack

For $300, the pro pack includes everything in the prior two packs plus a selection of other options for the more serious author. It includes any of the following images you may need and a guaranteed feature promotion spot at Buck Books when your book launches:

  • An IngramSpark-compliant paperback version
  • An IngramSpark-compliant hardcover version, if needed
  • A 2400X2400 audiobook cover for use with ACX/Audible
  • A custom ad graphic for use with Bookbub’s advertising service (not to be confused with their book promotion service)
  • Any other book cover versions you may require for other vendors and publishing services, such as Smashwords, Bookbaby, Lulu, Kobo, and more!
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