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Write a children’s picture book manuscript and 1000 Storybooks will provide editing, book cover design, illustrations, book formatting, and advertising graphics – all for US$1,0000.

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1000 Storybooks removes all the common barriers to publishing children’s picture books by doing everything except writing the first draft of the story and will charge only US$1000.

It was created by Emily Stone, daughter of 100 Covers founder, Matt Stone. Emily watched the success of 100 Covers unfold from day 1 and it gave her the idea to do the same thing for authors looking to publish competitive children’s picture books.

The typical cost for this level of work is $2,000-10,000 and even at the high prices that you’ll find elsewhere, you’ll likely still have to split the royalties from sales of your book with the illustrator. With 1000 Storybooks, you keep copyright, you get all the royalties for your book.

Services 1000 Storybooks offers

  • Professional editing
  • Book cover design
  • 14  custom illustrations (one for each page to accompany the text)
  • Book formatting for publishing as a KDP paperback and case laminate hardcover
  • 3D images are great for use on your website and for posting on social media
  • Advertising graphics as needed

All for US$1,000.

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