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Dabble is a writing tool that helps authors plot their books, develop character sketches and create whole manuscripts without needing a different word processor.

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What you can do with Dabble

  • Dabble organizes your manuscript, story notes, and plot. Dabble simplifies story, leaving more room in your brain to create, which is what being a writer is really about.
  • Shape your story with Dabble’s unique plotting tool. Plot like J.K. Rowling. Dabble provides a plot grid, plot lines (subplots), and plot points (the events in your subplots) to supercharge your plotting.
  • Set up the events in each subplot to happen at the right time in your story.
  • Write detailed notes on each plot point in your plot lines.

What sort of application is Dabble?

Dabble can be accessed in a variety of ways on different types of devices.

  • You can use Dabble in your web browser
  • You can download the app on your Mac or Windows computer
  • You can download the mobile app so you can write on your tablet or mobile device!
  • Dabble syncs your novel up to the cloud and between devices. Dabble keeps a full copy on each device and one in the cloud with extra backup. These copies sync with each other whenever they are online.

We’ve featured Dabble in our Power Tools for Writers section.

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