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Danielle offers one on one coaching to writers who want to build their author platforms. She helps authors structure their online visibility to grow their readership.

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What does author coaching with Danielle look like?

In her own words; “I’ll take you step-by-step from what your social media posts should look like to creating a professional author website. I will provide you with helpful checklists, email templates and video guides. You’ll learn how to present yourself online in a way that is not sleazy or salesy but instead allows you to make real connections with followers and turn them into fans.”

Her approach to coaching

Daneille offers a 3-Step Process to help authors tackle marketing:

1. Discover your ideal fans
Identify your ideal reader and narrow down your niche so you can build an author brand that appeals to your ideal readers. You’ll learn how to use your strengths to your advantage and where to best show up online in order to reach your ideal readers.

2. Content Creation
You’ll learn how to create SEO friendly content that entices your ideal readers and drives more traffic to your site. I will work with you to batch your content so you can be consistent and won’t feel overwhelmed, burnt out, or stuck at the last minute wondering what to post.

3. Outreach
Once you have your content solidified, we will focus on outreach so you can begin getting your ideal readers, bloggers, influencers, librarians and more promoting you!

What do her clients say about her?

Author, Richard Payne
“Danielle clearly has deep knowledge about effective approaches to book marketing. However, what makes her special goes beyond her ability to help you understand what you need to do: Danielle is a supportive collaborator in the book marketing process who empowers you to feel enthusiastic, hopeful, and capable on your journey. ”

Author, Bonnie J. Davis
Danielle is a core resource for my business. She provided excellent social media guidance and then worked with me to ensure that we deliver what we planned. Her social media expertise is enhanced by her creativity, responsiveness, and positive attitude.

Author, Landri Dreiskill
I am so thankful to have found Danielle through Instagram!! I’ve been on for about a year and have been struggling recently with follower engagement and what to post. She was so kind in suggesting a Zoom call to discuss all the different paths I can take to get involved in my account again. I’m so excited to implement her ideas!

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Danielle also runs another website for writers, Danielle the Writer.

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