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Find Your Publisher is a website dedicated to helping both first-time and experienced authors identify the most suitable publishing services provided for their book.

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Find Your Publisher makes a recommendation as to which book publisher has the best publishing package to help you reach your publishing objectives. Then on your behalf, FYP forwards the information you’ve provided to the publisher they have recommended. In other words; no agents involved.

Valley of Writers Note: Many of the publishers this service links to are vanity publishers, so you will be expected to pay something to get your book published. Please check the reputation of any publisher you intend to work with.

The Author’s Advantage

From Find Your Publisher

Authors who choose to go with a self-publishing company, rather than take the traditional publishing route, retain control of their work and copyrights — and that is very important. Being able to control the destiny of your book gives you complete flexibility to “cash in” if the opportunity for a movie or TV adaptation presents itself. With self-publishing, authors are free to negotiate any other deals or sell to a traditional publishing firm at any time.

Another clear advantage is your complete control over the content and design of your book. Still, another benefit is that publishing service providers help authors bring their books to market more quickly and provide higher royalties for every book sold, as compared with traditional publishing.


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