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FundsforWriters provides information on work, freelance opportunities, gig jobs, contests, and grants for writers.

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This website became very famous because of its newsletter which became a trusted online resource for writers to find work, freelance opportunities, gig jobs, and many more! It also provides guidance on how to write, how to query, how to format manuscripts, and so on.

Aside from helping writers find work, the newsletter also includes a work from guest authors and an editorial from editor C. Hope Clark.

FundsforWriters provides markets that pay $200 or 10 cents/word and up.

Expect 24-30 paying opportunities in the form of contests, grants, freelance opportunities, gig jobs, and publishers/agents.

FundsforWriters is also a paying market. You can make your pitch and get paid if your work is accepted. See guidelines.

From the Founder, C. Hope Clark

C. Hope Clark - Founder of FundsForWritersFundsForWriters began in March 2000 after a women’s writing group in Georgia opened my eyes to the fact that it’s hard to write when you can’t afford ink for the printer, postage for the manuscripts, or gas to go to the conferences. As a guest speaker, I initially planned to speak on writing for the Internet. That subject quickly eroded to finding funds for all aspects of writing. Since my background was in finance and my day job involved loans and grants, I offered a few words of advice. Boy! Did that ever blow into a bigger deal than I imagined!

Who am I? I’m a lady who freelances and writes mystery novels. Did I take a huge leap from the day job over a decade ago? Yes and no. I left a very comfortable position as Administrative Director of a small federal agency to write. I managed budgets, loans, grants, human resources, and procurement for 25 years, and when Uncle Sam allowed me to take a reduced early retirement I jumped at the chance.

So my income dropped by 60%, my husband took a promotion across the country to help make up for it, and my new life began. If you stick around for long, you’ll learn about my federal agent husband, my patriotism, my deep Southern upbringing, my adoration for nature, gardening and chickens, and a strong need to make others feel good about their lot in life or their ability to alter it to another level. Attitude is everything.

…As you may have deduced, I help others while educating myself. If I can answer your questions, I will. If I can’t, I’ll find a place to send you. You do not get ignored at FundsforWriters, and all emails receive an answer.

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