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‘Novel organization for serious plotters.’ A suite of tools to help writers organize their novels and get better at the craft of writing.

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“Measure twice, cut once.” This old carpenter’s adage can be applied to many things including creating a novel. Planning your novel before you write can prevent you from meandering and wasting time. No more dead ends. No more painting yourself into corners. Organizing your story with Hiveword can help you prevent these fates.

The website provides writers a way to organize their novels on the web by tracking characters, scenes, plotlines, and more. It’s basically a website full of tools that can help writers write their novels from start to finish.

The free account offers essentials such as scenes, characters, and plotlines while the “Hiveword Plus” upgrade provides powerful customizability that grows with your needs. For more tools, you can also upgrade your account to experience more of its features and tools.


Hiveword Features

Build your world

Track your novel’s religions, clans, companies, countries, weapons, spells, or anything you want along with any number of fields to describe them. Your new types will appear in Hiveword like they were there all along. Magic!


Attach images to your characters, settings, custom types, etc., in a convenient in-page popup. You can also have unassigned images that are not attached to a story in any way. You can tag your images for simple categorization and use the powerful image filter to see all of your images in one place.


Like the image upload feature, you can have any number of notes for stories, scenes, characters, etc. The same great features exist such as the in-page popup, a powerful filter, and tags for categorization.


Hiveword Plus makes journaling easy. You can have multiple entries per day and you can tag them for reference.

Search Everything

The search feature sifts through all of your data with Google-like speed and lists the results by category such as characters, settings, etc.


Hiveword Pricing

Hiveword Basic Hiveword Plus Knockout Novel
Free $25
(Per year)
(One time charge)
Unlimited stories
Unlimited scenes
Unlimited characters
Unlimited settings
Unlimited items
Unlimited plotlines
Unlimited tags
Powerful scene filtering
Plotline visualization
Character name generator
Location generator
Private workspace
Novel export
Automatic backups
Emails with articles on writing
Unlimited custom fields
Unlimited custom types
Unlimited images
Unlimited notes
Unlimited journal entries
Search everything
Dark mode
Self-paced coaching
Sample plot breakdown
Coaching response export

Hiveword Basic is free. Hiveword Plus is a yearly subscription with a 14 day free trial. You can cancel the subscription at any time and revert to Hiveword Basic. Knockout Novel has a one-time charge with a 30 day money-back guarantee. Prices correct as at Nov 18, 2021.


From the Hiveword About Page

Mike Fleming launched the Writer’s Knowledge Base (WKB) in 2011. The WKB is a search engine for writers that makes finding greater articles on writing a snap. Author Elizabeth Spann Craig is the content curator.

Though it was in development before the WKB, the novel organizer was released later in 2011. The organizer provides writers a way to organize their novels on the web by tracking characters, scenes, plotlines, and more. The “platform” nature of Hiveword was starting to take shape as the WKB could be personalized with a Hiveword account.

In 2013, Mike worked with writing coach James Scott Bell to bring expert guidance to Hiveword via the Knockout Novel module. Knockout Novel can help you take your novel to the next level.

Most recently, in 2016, Hiveword Plus was added. Hiveword Plus adds advanced features such as the innovative custom types and fields capability which allows the novel organizer to grow with your needs.

All of the pieces work seamlessly behind a single Hiveword account. Use all of it or just what you need. It’s totally up to you! Regardless of what you use, the Hiveword tools can help you:


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