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Inkwell Editorial offers information for writers & marketers who want to learn about SEO, social media, self-publishing, affiliate marketing, and how to make money through freelance work.

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The site presents a huge array of tools and ideas for writers who want to get more serious about their online presence.

Yuwanda Black is a successful author, content marketer, and developer who has been working in the publishing industry for more than 30 years.

With this success, Yuwanda sought to share her knowledge and help writers and authors build great careers working as freelance writers.

Here are some of the main topics that are discussed on the site:

  • How to be productive as a hybrid freelance writer
  • How to market for and land freelance writing jobs
  • How to choose affiliate products to promote
  • What you should know about SEO today
  • How to become an indie publisher
  • How to land clients, promote products on social media and so much more



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