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Jami Gold is a writer of paranormal fiction who loves to share the resources she finds and uses with other writers.

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Jami has a section on her author website where she shares her resources, tips, articles, and worksheets that she has created for writers.

She writes, “I’m a teacher at heart and a Google research ninja, so I love sharing with others the various things I’ve learned.”

Worksheets offered on Jami’s site

  • Plot-Oriented Beat Sheets: Excel spreadsheets based on Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat Beat Sheet, Larry Brooks’ Story Engineering structure, and a master spreadsheet combining the above two story planning approaches — or for those new to beat sheets or who write by the seat of their pants, check out Jami’s Basic Beat Sheet
  • Character-Oriented Beat Sheet: Excel spreadsheet based on Michael Hauge’s “Using Inner Conflict to Create Powerful Love Stories” workshop, merging a character’s internal journey with a standard three-act plot structure
  • Romance-Oriented Beat Sheet: Jami’s Excel spreadsheet for developing the beats of a romance arc over a standard three-act story structure
  • Story and Scene-Strengthening Worksheets: MS Word documents and spreadsheets with checklists and revision tools to ensure our stories are well-developed and our scenes have the right elements
  • Scrivener Templates: Templates based on my Master Beat Sheet, Basic Beat Sheet, and Romance Beat Sheet for drafting a story in Scrivener in line with story beats
  • Career Improvement Tools: Worksheets to help with beta reading, developing a business plan, and deciding on priorities
  • Resources Offered by Jami’s Guests: Worksheets for varied issues, from writing craft to developing productivity and goals/vision/priority balance
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