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Kindlepreneur teachers authors how to sell more books online using courses, books, video guides, and one of the most popular publishing entrepreneurship blogs in the world.

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Kindlepreneur was started by former US Navy officer, Dave Chesson.

He writes, “I decided to become an author while deployed to Korea. You see, over my 13 years in the military, I had been deployed on submarines for months at a time, and had to spend 3 years deployed without my family.

I had missed birthdays, first words, first steps and more. Sometimes it felt like my children didn’t fully know me. I needed to be home with my family.

So, writing and self publishing wasn’t a hobby, it was going to be the answer to getting me to be home with my wife and kids. Failure wasn’t an option.”

And he made good on his decision. Kindlepreneur has grown to be one of the most sought after resources for self-published authors and publishers on the Internet.

Chesson is now a sought-after teacher, speaker and consultant.

“I don’t hold back at all. My goal with every article or video is to give you everything you need to know, so that you can turn around and take action, and see results. I hope for this to be a compendium of self publishing and book marketing knowledge so that real authors can get their books seen.”

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