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Marion Roach Smith hosts a podcast that gives writers an entire knowledge of how to do narrative writing.

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Marion Roach Smith is a memoir coach, editor, and podcast host.

She offers online memoir classes and is available for hire to edit your work, or work with you as a writing coach.


Marion hosts the QWERTY podcast which focuses on the challenges of being a writer and looks at steps to overcoming them.

From her About Page

Much of my work includes a large helping of memoir, including my books The Roots of Desire: The Myth, Meaning and Sexual Power of Red Hair, (Bloomsbury, 2005) and Another Name for Madness, (Houghton Mifflin, 1985) and my commentaries for National Public Radio’s All Things Considered. I have written for The New York Times Magazine, Prevention, Vogue, Good Housekeeping, The Los Angeles Times, and elsewhere.

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