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Nessgraphica is owned by Alexander von Ness, a top-rated book designer for self-publishers who uses his website to share self-publishing and marketing lessons.

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Alexander von Ness is a book cover designer with almost 20 years of professional experience in graphic design and over a decade as an Art Director in a branding agency.

He not only designs great book covers, but he also shares great tips on book promotion and publishing on his blog. He also has a very useful section with jobs for writers.

About Alexander von Ness

Alexander von NessFrom the about page: If you are looking for book cover designers for self-publishers, then you’ve come to the right place!

My name is Alexander von Ness, and I am the man you are looking for!

I am one of the top-rated book cover designers for self-publishers with almost 30 years of professional experience in graphic design and over a decade as an art director in a branding agency.

In the last ten years, my main area of focus is book cover design, self-publishing, and book marketing.

Thanks to my strong graphic design principles, I am a multiple winner and finalist of international graphic design contests in the category of book cover design. I am an adjunct professor at a high school, where I teach students about book cover design and graphic design in general.

I am sure that you have stumbled upon a lot of great biographies and websites while searching for a graphic designer for your book cover. While a lot of them are trying to impress you with words, I will let my book covers speak for themselves.

My portfolio shows what I could do for you!

Take some time and read my client’s testimonials and what they talk about working with me. If you wish to be one of them, visit my contact page and leave me a message. Don’t hesitate to ask about anything you are interested in discussing!

If you decide to hire me to design a book cover for you, I will make sure your book stays on the top of the book cover design trends. I will help you to connect your book with your target audience, translate your vision into a powerful image, bringing it to life, and infused it with emotion.

I’ll connect my knowledge as a book cover designer, experience as an art director in a branding agency, and my desire for your success into a unique unity. Your book cover will look professional, eye-catching, it will attract more attention, and your book will definitely achieve more success.

I work closely with all types of authors across the world, including small and middle-sized publishing houses, editors, content writers, book coaches, and book marketing experts.

I run The Self-Publishing and Book Marketing Group, and The Self-Publishing and Book Marketing Blog with my partners, the book publishing experts where we guide authors through their self-publishing and book marketing journey, show tips and tricks to help them earn more from their marketing.

These are crazy times!

If you are currently looking for a job or extra income, visit the Jobs for Writers page on this website where my assistants and I regularly search the Internet to find new and attractive jobs just for you. I have no use for it except that I want to help you as much as I can.

Your success is also my success! It is the only way to succeed together.

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