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Imagine having a coach to guide you as you write your novel. Now Novel offers various levels of guidance, including prompts, check in emails critique of your work-in-progress, and small writing groups.

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As you develop your novel, Now Novel gives you tools and support to help you make it a reality. The site lets you track your progress, build outlines, and access personalized prompts to keep you motivated. You can also get feedback on your novel as you develop it, depending on which level of membership you choose.

Membership & Pricing

The site works on a subscription basis, with 3-tiers of membership; The Process, Coaching, and Coaching+.

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Benefits of Now Novel Membership

  • Feedback of an in-person writing workshop, but with online convenience. Get constructive feedback from a coach or peers, anywhere.
  • Motivation and practical support, together. Technical craft and process are two inseparable aspects of persevering and finishing a polished, publishable story.
  • We believe you will finish your book. It’s motivating when you have a coach or writing peers who are excited to see what happens next in your story. We’ll cheer you on through the doubts and the ups and downs that often come with creative work.
  • We believe everybody has a story to tell and with the right help can do it justice. Sometimes process or technical limitations get in the way. We help you remove those obstacles and refine your writing.

From the about us page

Bridget-McNultyWhen co-founder Bridget McNulty‘s first novel, Strange Nervous Laughter, was published by Struik in South Africa in 2007 and by Macmillan in the USA in 2009, she found her inbox flooded with emails all asking the same thing:

“How do you write a novel?”

Writing a book is challenging. It’s a solitary process by nature. Yet there are many stages where it makes it much easier (and more motivating) to have a friendly guide. Someone who’s developed and polished stories and can draw on their experience to answer your writing-related questions and help you stay accountable to your personal writing goals and objectives.

We created Now Novel with these benefits of guidance in mind, to connect aspiring authors with peers and experts who are committed to studying, practicing and improving the craft of storytelling.

As time went by, we found members desired a structured, simplified process for developing story ideas. Thus we created the Now Novel story dashboard, a tool you can use to outline a complete story in any genre, step-by-step, to save and refer to as you write.

In 2016 we added small critique groups to help members exchange constructive feedback and discussion. And in 2018 we overhauled the story dashboard completely after poring over members’ helpful feedback and most requested features.

We continue to develop Now Novel as we engage with and learn from members’ – writers’ – greatest goals and challenges.

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