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OnlineDrea isn’t specifically geared towards writers, but writers can benefit through her podcast Savvy Social Podcast that discusses how to create an impact through good content writing.

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As the business of writing becomes increasingly dependent on an online presence, all writers can benefit from the tips and articles on this site about how to write content that will drive traffic to your website.

Andrea Jones, a social media strategist, created OnlineDrea to help businesses build a community of real and engaged followers through social media marketing strategies.

We think writers can engage in two main ways with her content.

  1. As learners of how to build an author platform using great content and social media.
  2. As potential service providers for businesses that want to implement the things that OnlineDrea teaches.

Learn Social Media with the Savvy Social School

Andrea also runs the Savvy Social School which she created to simplify social media marketing. The curriculum is based on her Social Media Success Rockstar Framework outlined below.

Master Your Message
It’s crucial to present your message loud and clear to your audience and do so consistently. We teach you how to nail down what message you want to share, how to find the perfect audience for your message, and how to make sure your message stands out from the rest.
Build Your Authority
Got your message clarified? Now it’s time to step into the spotlight and build authority in your field. Become the go-to and trusted voice in your community. I’m going to show you how to pick a platform to grow on, craft a strategic posting plan, and create scroll-stopping content, from expert copy to beautiful graphics.
Create An Impact
Let’s leave a lasting impression on your audience. This is where I show you how to truly connect with your audience, build relationships, open yourself for beneficial collaborations, and use paid advertising. You’ll also learn how to leverage trending topics (like all the cool kids do), build a team to further skyrocket your success, and properly measure what’s working and what might need to change.
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