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Learn how to write faster and become more productive. Find out how to take the the dread out of writing.

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“How do you write so fast?”That’s a question that people kept asking Daphne Gray-Grant. “How do you do that? How do you write so fast? How do you stay so organized in a job with constant interruptions? How do you produce publications that get results?”

She decided to start her Publication Coach business to share the tools she uses to be so productive.

She also shares her own journey to speedy productivity; “Suddenly, I developed tools to deal with a lifelong case of writer’s block. I wrote and edited as if mainlining caffeine (while, in fact, sipping herbal tea). I produced a corporate newspaper in less than two days a week — replacing a person who’d taken five days. Without really meaning to, I had taken the skills I’d learned in daily journalism and turbocharged them for the corporate world.”

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