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Learn how stories work and what makes a story great. What are the different elements that you need to tweak to push a story in any direction you choose?

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Storyfix was launched in 2009 by Larry Brooks who is a master of story structure and the award-winning USA Today bestselling author of six novels and four writing craft books to help writers elevate their plot writing and premise.

Brooks shares his knowledge through blogs, coaching sessions and books.

From the about us page

“This site is about getting real with your writing dream.

It seeks to elevate your understanding of the craft, which requires much more of you than to “just write.” Within the prevailing 96 percent rejection rate of submitted manuscripts, much of the failure is explained by writers not fully grasping specific core principles that create criteria to apply across the arc of a story. Instead they rely on instinct, when in fact their instinct may not yet be fully informed or nimble.

The rest is explained by story ideas that just aren’t strong enough. To the surprise of many, there are criteria for that, as well.

Storyfix offers a deep dive into each facet of the storytelling proposition—including how to strengthen your story idea—which you can apply to your writing process, whatever that might be.”

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