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Experts in the field offer inspiration, encouragement, and concrete advice on advancing in this ever-growing writing niche in this vibrant community for copywriters and would-be copywriters. The show is hosted by copywriters Kira Hug and Rob Marsh, who also have a website with a wealth of resources.

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What if you could hang out with seriously talented copywriters and other experts; ask them about their successes and failures, their work processes and their habits; then steal an idea or two to inspire your own work? That’s what Kira Hug and Rob Marsh do every week at The Copywriter Club Podcast. Each new episode is an in-depth discussion with a different successful copywriter or content creator—packed with copywriting advice and ideas worth stealing and using in your own copy practice. They talk real numbers, rates and what writers are charging for work. They dig into sales funnels, work habits and what works on social media. And they ask the questions you really want to know the answers to. The goal is to help you think bigger about your copywriting business so you’ll reach higher than ever before.

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