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Looking for a one-stop shop for your book publishing needs? Zero Alchemy is a multi-provider team offering end-to-end services such as coaching, audience building, cover design, website design, ghostwriting, editing, formatting, courses, book marketing, and more.

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Led by New York Times bestselling author, Rebecca Hamilton and her team, Zero Alchemy offers publishing and marketing services that help authors create significant income streams from their work.

The ethos behind the brand is that success as a writer does not require magic, hence ‘zero alchemy.’ All that’s required is a solid plan, and hard work.

Whether you want to do the work yourself or hire someone to do it for you, you’re going to need a plan. But what if you could get your plan and services all in one place. Zero Alchemy offers a full package author service that will give you everything you need when you need it.

Their customized solutions take out all the guesswork, leading writers step-by-step so that you can have more time to focus on the areas of writing and publishing that you enjoy most!
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