Louisa DeaseyLouisa Deasey has a fascination with memoir. She explains that “it stems from not knowing anything about my dad when I was growing up. He died when I was very young… and by the time I was articulate enough to even ask about him, most of the people… from his generation were gone, too.”

Then one day she received a letter from a woman in Paris which led her to her father’s unpublished memoir. “…it was like he’d been returned to me. I finally had his stories. And I understand their value.”

She wrote about this journey of finding her father again in her 2018 book, A Letter from Paris: a true story of hidden art, lost romance, and family reclaimed.

Now, through her blog and courses, she teaches other writers how to write memoir. We found a blog post by her which we think is a great starting point for anyone looking to write their memoir but is not sure where to start.

She talks about the 3 types of memoir that sell:

  1. The redemption memoir
  2. The ‘walking away from it all’ memoir
  3. The ‘you are not alone’ memoir

Read the blog post here:

You can also take her free memoir masterclass here.

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