Michael La RonnWhen a reader who has never heard about you comes to your website for the first time and you present them with a list of your books, how do they know which one to start with?

If it’s a series that’s easy enough. Start with the first book. How about if you have written s number of different books that are not related at all?

The reader could read through each blurb and decide that way – if they stick around that long.

Sci-Fi and fantasy author, Michael La Ronn, has a really cool tool on his website for helping you decide. It starts with a page that asks you a question about the sort of book you are looking for and then presents you with two options; sci-fi and fantasy. Once you make a selection, you are asked one or two other questions and up pops your book recommendation.

We love how fun and playful this tool is, and how it’s a great way to keep readers on the site for a little bit longer.

Check it out.


Team VoW
Author: Team VoW

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