The power tool

Publishers Marketplace.

What sort of tool is it?

It’s a subscription service that gives you access to the Publishers Marketplace website, the Publishers Lunch Deluxe newsletter, and a number of other optin email updates on the book industry.

Where to Get it


As of May 28, 2021 the following options are given for subscriptions:

  • $25.00 per month or,
  • $140.00 every 6 months (save 7%) or
  • $275.00 every 12 months (save 9%)

Some parts of their site such as their job board featuring publishing industry job openings are available at no cost. They have a shorter enewsletter, Publishers Lunch, which users can subscribe to for free.

What it’s used for

  • Publishers Marketplace is the publishing industry’s go-to service for keeping tabs with book deals, literary agents and other players. Their database of book deals goes back about 20 years.
  • Research and analyze over 100,000 deals. If you’re looking for an agent, it is the best place online to do your research. You can find the deal history of thousands of agents, agencies, editors and publishers.
  • The search tool allows you to generate lists of top agents and editors across more than 40 categories of books and you can browse through dealmakers in over 50 countries.
  • The book tracker feature of their site enables you to keep a watch on sales results on and and cross-reference these agains a dozen bestseller lists.
  • A book review database with over 350,000 reviews.
  • Find contact details for literary agents and editors.
  • Find out which agents represent particular authors.
  • Do your research on which publishers own which imprints.
  • You get a member page where you can put your author information, making you easier to find as you benefit from the high visibility of the Publishers Marketplace website.
  • Receive daily industry news, information about deals and other updates in your inbox.
  • Run ads on the Publishers Marketplace website to promote your service or book.
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