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I write articles for different blogs, what’s the best way to link to them or have them in one place?

This is a common issue for many writers who contribute to various journals, magazines and other online publications. How do you keep a record of all your stuff? How do you keep track of all the place you have been published and all the articles that have appeared on different blogs, newspaper websites, etc?

One way is to manually add links to each article on your writer website, but that sucks and it’s very easy to forget.

Another way is to get the different RSS feeds for your particular articles and plug them into an RSS feed plugin on your website – which requires some technical knowhow and a bit of fiddling around.

Authory screenshot

A third  way to do it is through a site called Authory (We are not in any way affiliated to them). It will pull all your articles from the sites where you contribute and present them on one interface. It will also give you analytics so you can see how each article is performing on social media. And readers can subscribe to get updates about your articles, whatever publication they appear on. Neat.

If you know of any alternatives to this service, we’d love to hear about them.


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