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Are there any free apps that writers can use to do their bookkeeping?

It’s important that you keep track of your income and expenses as a writer, especially if you are planning on moving from writing being a hobby. There are many benefits of starting this early, even before you start making a significant income from your writing. The most obvious one is that it makes it easy to track your tax deductible business expenses (In case we lost you, your writing is your business).

But there are others, such as keeping a tab on your expenses (all those coffeeshop visits ;-)), getting a sense of how your income fluctuates through the year and how it’s growing (or shrinking over time. Finally, when you do hit the big time, you don’t have to start setting your financial systems up from scratch, you’ll have a good foundation to start from.

The challenge for most writers is that accounting apps can be quite costly. Even if it costs $15/month it adds up and may be too much of a commitment, especially when you are dipping into other sources of income to fund your writing.

But the universe is a friendly place and there are actually FREE book keeping and accounting apps out there, quite a few of them. We found nine  of the best ones for you to try out.



And, we know you are wondering how do they make their money? Some of these, like Zoho Invoice, sell higher end products and run on a freemium model; you start out for free and when you are ready to upgrade you move to their paid product. Others, such as Wave, charge you a commission when you decide to receive payments through their platform and offer payroll services for a cost. GnuCash is open source.

There you go. Try a few out:

  1. Wave
  2. Sunrise
  3. GnuCash
  4. Zipbooks
  5. Akaunting
  6. SlickPie
  7. CloudBooks
  8. Zoho Invoice
  9. NCH Express Accounts

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