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How can I work out how thick my novel will be?

There are a number of calculators that you can use to work out how thick a book will be based on the page count and the type of paper to be used.

Here are a few:

IngramSpark Weight & Spine Width Calculator
Use this calculator to work out how heavy and how thick your book will be.
:: Access calculator

Book Printing UK Spine Calculator
This calculator lets you choose your paper type and enter the number of pages your book will include. The website also has a guide on how to choose a paper type.
:: Access Calculator

PrintOnDemand Worldwide Spine Width Calculator
This page also gives an explanation of book sizes.
:: Access Calculator

Bookmobile Paperback Spine Width Calculator
This calculator also gives you the estimated weight of the book.
:: Access Calculator


Book Spine Calculation Explainer Videos

We found a few videos that will help you understand how these calculations work.



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