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What is Amazon book promotion?

When you put your book up on Amazon, it does not guarantee that it will sell. Most books on Amazon never sell more Thant 250 copies. True, Amazon is the biggest books marketplace in the world which means you have millions of readers buying books, but you also have millions of other books that are vying for the attention that you are seeking.

This means that, as with any marketplace, putting your book up onto Amazon is simply making it available to potential buyers. The real job is getting your book seen. This is what people refer to as Amazon book promotion. It’s promoting your book on Amazon so that it gets seen and bought.

How do you promote your book on Amazon?

There are a number of ways to do this, many of them absolutely free.

Optimize your book title
A strong title and subtitle will go a long way to improve the discoverability of your book.

Get a great cover designed
Well-designed covers boost sales. Period. Don’t DIY, unless you’re a designer yourself. Get a professional to do it for you.

Get your blurb done right
When you finally get someone to your book, while it’s the cover that may draw them in, the final buying decision is often decided by what you say about your book in the blurb, the little paragraph at the back of the book that says what the book is about. This is so important for book success that there are people offer this as a service.

Choose your categories well
Look at what categories books similar to yours are placed in and use that as guidance. Amazon lets you choose two categories when you first publish your book, but once your book is published, you can choose up to 5 more categories, to make a total of 7. To get the extra categories, you need to login to your Kindle Direct Publishing dashboard and then got to this page: Look under “How We Can Help,” select “Amazon Book Page”and then “Update Amazon Categories.” Then follow the instructions given.


Update book categories on Author Central


Pick great keywords
Keywords and keyphrases help your book get found on Amazon. What you are trying to do when selecting keywords is find the phrases that people would most likely type into Amazon when looking for books like yours. Remember, you can always change your keywords. Most authors set them once and Never come back to them. Keep on trying different keywords and see which ones work best. Sometimes, changing keywords can make all the difference between being invisible and starting to make sales, or making a few sales a month to making consistent sales every week.

Invest in Amazon Ads
Amazon lets you pay to get your book seen by more people on the site. The great thing about Amazon ads is that you only pay when someone actually clicks on the ad. You can create ads by logging into your KDP dashboard, clicking into your Bookshelf and selecting ‘Promote and Advertise link.’

Point people to your book on Amazon
Your Amazon promotion doesn’t need to end on Amazon. Anything you can do to drive people to your book is encouraged. This includes links from newsletters, links from your author website, links from social media, links from blog posts you make and links by other websites that interview you and add a link to the post.




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