The Norton Island Residency for Writers & Artists was founded in 2000 as a nonprofit under the leadership of the Eastern Frontier Educational Foundation and developed to create an ideal place for writers to write, artists to paint and sculpt, and musicians to compose. In 22 years, more than 500 artists and writers have used the Norton Island venue for their work.

Located in Maine’s northerly “Downeast,” halfway between Mount Desert National Park and Campobello Island, one mile into the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll find an 150-acre island hosting a one-of-a-kind residency program.

Every summer, the Norton Island Residency for Writers & Artists hosts established writers, artists and musicians so they may develop and share their work in an extraordinarily beautiful and remote wilderness setting.

The nature of this program is straightforward, even rudimentary. This is a remote, rustic wilderness, with facilities to accommodate a select group of residents who sometimes share their work after dinner but are otherwise there to work uninterrupted. The environment is beautiful, extreme and unadorned. Each resident is required to work with their fellow residents to conserve water and electricity—and to help clean up after dinner. Norton Island is an outdoorsy experience that may come as a shock at first to those visitors who have spent time at other residencies.

Fiction & Nonfiction Writers: Send email with 15-30 pages of your work.
Poets: Submit email with 5-8 pages of poetry.
Visual Artists: Include web address or send email with attached JPGs, GIFs or PDFs.
Musicians: Include web address or send email with attached audio files.


Your $35 tax-deductible application fee should be submitted via the Donate page or mailed separately.

All applicants will be notified by April 15, 2021. Accepted applicants must commit to the residency within two weeks of notification.

International applicants are welcome! Residents are accepted from all over the world. Families may not accompany residents. Couples are allowed only when both spouses are accepted by the jurists.

Click here to apply

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