Building confidence in your writing journey

Writing is a journey of self-expression and creativity, but it’s not without its challenges. One of the most common roadblocks that writers encounter is the internal haunting by the relentless banshee of self-doubt.  As words flow onto the page, so too can the nagging questions: “Is this good enough? WillMore

Structuring Your Dissertation Writing (and Writing Support) for Completion

Find out what strategies and writing supports can help you make the transition from graduate coursework to independent dissertation writing. About this event Presented by Dr. Melissa Quackenbush and Dr. Christine Tulley, this hour-long session will identify common pitfalls dissertation writers face once they reach the ABD stage. Presenters willMore

Virtual Professional Writing Event (PWE)

Join CW Virtually for our PWE with our newest book, Writing at the Speed of Light. Readings by our authors! About this event The Carnegie Writers’ Professional Writing Event features authors from our newest anthology, Writing at the Speed of Light in collaboration with our Adult Author Workshop. Contributors will be readingMore