Did you mess up? Questions to ask your web designer...

You finally got your website done you love how it turned out. You have a new book out and you want it updated to the site but your developer has disappeared.  You’ve emailed her. You’ve left voicemail messages on her phone. You’ve even stalked her on Facebook and Google toMore

You’re finally ready to get your website done and you’re scoping out some developers whose work you love. The only challenge is you’re not sure whether you need a blog or a website or if there is a difference. Do you need a domain or hosting or both? Do theMore

Pub-Site enables you to build your own author website.

The power tool Pub-Site. What sort of tool is it? It’s an easy-to-use online website builder designed specifically for author websites. Authors create an account and can drag and drop elements to build their site. Where to access it pub-site.com. Cost You can start with a 14-day free trial (noMore