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Most writers want to focus on writing and dislike the idea of marketing. Inevitably, many of us end up making a lot mistakes with our book marketing campaigns. Don’t do this. Marketing your book is key to achieving any sort of sales.  Here’s a sobering fact for you. There areMore

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From those published by the Big Five, to those who go indie or self-publish, today’s authors increasingly find themselves in the position of marketing their own books. And while there’s lots of advice on getting your title into bookstores, there’s less on approaching libraries. So how do you do it?More

How to Use Inbound Marketing to Sell Your Book

Share your writing project and receive feedback from a NYT editor and your fellow writers. Ask industry questions and receive advice. About this event I created Stellar Writing as a free service from my company, Stellar Media Club, for writers of all skill levels! Let’s meet virtually and improve yourMore