Point of View – How to tell a better story

Point of view is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a writer. About this event How This 90-Minute Workshop Will Help You Whether you’re writing a short story, novel, or memoir, somebody tells the story. A narrator? Is someone central to the story? A secondary character? IfMore

How to build great characters

Who reads 300 pages about lifeless characters? NOBODY. Great characters are essential to fiction and memoir. Learn how to create them. About this event How the workshop will help you Think about Tom Sawyer, Scout Finch, Ove Lindahl*, and Scarlett O’Hara. We’re sad when we get to the last chaptersMore

Write with Confidence

We’ll talk about Point of View, your “voice” About this event How This Workshop Will Help You Confidence comes when you know what you’re doing when you understand the rules and know when and how to break them. Whether you write fiction, non-fiction, memoir, or anything else, the skills youMore

“How to improve that S****y First Draft”

About this event How This Workshop Will Help You You realize you’ll have to revise your early drafts, but how do you do it? Is there a system to make it easier? I think there is, and I’ll share it with you. We’ll discuss the issue of revision on bothMore

| Write A Memoir The World Will Read

Learn how to look at your life and write about it in a way that will help you find success with readers. About this event How This Workshop Will Help You If you’re not famous, can you write a memoir people will want to read? YES, if you understand whatMore