Class of Writers

Never stop learning. This is as true for writers as it is in every discipline in life. Make sure that your calendar includes scheduled learning and growth time. This does not need to be costly. There are now so many great free resources on the Internet – including for education.More

Discover the magic of your first line with Rebecca Heyman

Reedsy Live presents editor Rebecca Heyman in a return of the ‘First Line Frenzy™’ sessions where you can submit the opening sentence of your story for review. In this live stream, Becca will critique dozens of first lines, giving you her frank opinions and sharing practical steps for improvement. AnyMore

How to Write a Novel in Three Months | Reedsy Live

Would you believe that you can write a novel in 90 days? Author David Samuel Levinson did it and now he’ll show you how. About this event In 2015, novelist David Samuel Levinson made a decision to write a book in three months. That decision turned into his second novel, TellMore